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Stewardship Message

Week 1

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Stewardship Message

Week 2

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Stewardship Message

Week 3

Stewardship Committee Overview

Support of our ministry through giving of our time, talents, and financial resources.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church utilizes the Simply Giving® program as a means of receiving offerings.

To enroll, simply download the enrollment form, fill in completely, and return to the church office with a voided check or savings deposit slip.

Simply Giving® program Frequently Asked Questions

The Stewardship Committee shall be comprised of the congregation treasurer, the administrative assistant, and as many members of the congregation as the committee chooses. Each year the committee shall elect a chairperson and a recorder from its membership. The congregation treasurer will report from the Congregation Council any action that this committee needs to take, and report to the Congregation Council on behalf of this committee. The committee shall meet regularly.

The responsibilities and duties of the Stewardship Committee include, but are not limited to:

1. Prepare and implement a comprehensive stewardship program for the congregation members’ time, talents, and treasures.

2. Order and supervise the distribution of offering envelopes and provide opportunities for congregation members to give their offerings electronically.

3. Enlist and supervise volunteers responsible for counting money each week.

4. Plan and implement an annual financial stewardship program to be used for purposes of estimating contributions when preparing the budget for the following year.

5. Distribute members’ quarterly contribution statements at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd calendar quarters. (Annual statements at the end of the year are mailed to members by the administrative assistant.)

6. Evaluate and revise the time and talents forms annually, with input from the Standing Committees and Ministry Teams.

7. Collect/update existing members’ time and talents information annually.

8. Collect time and talents information from new members as part of the new member orientation process.

9. Insure that the time and talents information is kept up-to-date in the church’s database. Distribute reports from that database to the Standing Committees and Ministry Teams on a regular basis.

10. Prepare and submit a budget request to the Executive Committee for anticipated stewardship expenses annually.

11. Oversee disbursement of the annual Stewardship Committee budget.