Worship & Music

The Worship and Music Team shall be comprised of one at-large member of the Congregation Council, music coordinator, accompanist(s), bell choir director, and as many members of the congregation as the team chooses. Each year after a Congregation Council representative has been assigned, the team shall elect a chairperson and a recorder from its membership. The Congregation Council representative will report from the Congregation Council any action that this team needs to take, and report to the Congregation Council on behalf of this team. The team shall meet regularly – monthly meetings are suggested.

The responsibilities and duties of the Worship and Music Team include, but are not limited to:

1. Plan and provide for the congregation’s worship in collaboration with the music coordinator and the pastor.

2. Evaluate and recommend liturgies for ‘regular’ worship and those for special events.

3. Plan worship for special events such as Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving Eve, Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Confirmation, First Communion, Baptisms, etc.

4. Establish standards, in collaboration with the pastor, for worship, funeral and wedding services, music, and musical or drama groups.

5. Promote the congregation’s music programs and provide opportunities for participation to all members of the congregation.

6. Enlist, train, and supervise those who volunteer to serve as worship leaders such as assisting ministers, lectors, communion set-up/clean-up providers, greeters, nursery care providers, ushers, and acolytes.

7. Seek opportunities in the community wherein the choir(s) can share their gifts through music ministry.

8. Prepare and submit a budget request to the Executive Committee for anticipated worship and music expenses annually.

9. Oversee disbursement of the annual Worship and Music Team budget.