Leaders & Staff

The Congregation Council has general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. To learn more about the leadership responsibilities click here.


Jennifer Fite, Pastor
920-434-2148 | jfite@gslcgb.org

Steve Berend, President, Endowment Committee
920-606-3485 | berendbiz@gmail.com

Lois Appel, Vice President, Property Committee
920-660-3863 | cookie2371@aol.com

Dick Sachs, Treasurer
920-434-4236  | treasurer@gslcgb.org

Heather Halverson, Secretary, Communication Team

920-434-8238 | haohalverson@gmail.com




Robert Schwandt, liaison to Education and Youth Team

920-562-6307 | m.schwandt@sbcglobal.net

Vicki Cherek, liaison to Fellowship Team

920-784-9207 | vcherek@gmail.com

Sheila Kulow, liaison to Evangelism & Membership Team

920-412-0384 | sheila.hamilton@aurora.org

Tom Felton, liaison to Worship & Music Team

920-428-9170 | tom.e.felton@gmail.com

Pete Krause, liaison to Mission & Outreach Team

920-609-3278 |  petekrause001@icloud.com  


Vacant, Communication Team

Hallie Langenhorst, Education & Youth Team

920-362-9402 | jhlangenhorst@gmail.com

Vacant, Evangelism & Membership Team

Cindy Gentz, Fellowship Team

920-366-9701 | gentzcynthia@gmail.com

Diane Lenz, Mission & Outreach Team

920-615-4072 | dianeandstevelenz@gmail.com

Tom Hansen, Property Committee

920-639-8432 | tom200han@yahoo.com

Tom Felton, Stewardship Committee

920-428-9170 | tom.e.felton@gmail.com

Sue Larson, Worship & Music Team

920-609-0674 | suelarson804@gmail.com




Robert Schwandt, Administrative Assistant

920-434-2148 | admin@gslcgb.org

Jerry Lapinskas, Confirmation Coordinator

920-434-2148 | youth@gslcgb.org

Corey Christenson, Music & Bell Choir Director

920-569-9800 | cchristenson@gslcgb.org

Terry Brennan, Accompanist

Jeremy Raduenz, Accompanist

Grant Colburn, Accompanist