“By first uniting us with Himself, Christ unites us with one another.”

We look for many ways to strengthen Christian fellowship and foster social interaction.


We started out with many ideas for 2021, but they were not to be.

We finally held an outdoor Fellowship Hour for Palm Sunday with wrapped treats and again on Confirmation Sunday.

Cory Zuleger and I met 4-5 trips at church to clean the main kitchen, the kitchenette, and parts of the community room.

Next we had a special Church service (10 yrs.) and Fellowship Hour for Andrew Helmann...I made some vegan desserts and we had other treats too plus juice bottles and coffee.

For Fellowship Hours we were following the guidelines of the ELCA as far as masking and wearing gloves. We took turns with the youth groups covering the F.H. dates.

In November we held the pie social and we were very pleased with the turnout and the number

of pies shared.

No Annual Bake Sale this year...let's hope for it to be back in 2022.

We'd like to add to our team...so men and women step right up to help us carry out "fellowship" with food. Contact any of our Team members.

Cory Zuleger and I made and served lunch to the EPH group that had their meeting at Good Shepherd in December.

We are sorry to lose a special member of our team as they have decided to move on… Thank you Cory Zuleger for your service to our team! May you find what you are looking for! We love you and will miss you!

Thank you to the rest of the TEAM :

Bonnie Wellnitz, Paula Vander Grinten, Heather Halverson (has been helping out a lot this year and we hope to keep her) Marcie Waeghe and sometimes her daughters helped on several occasions too (she could stay too) No pressure!

We hope the New Year brings us back to special events as well as our weekly Fellowship Hours!

To all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022,

Cindy Gentz

Fellowship Team Leader

We joyfully are responsible for but not limited to:

  1. Plan and Coordinate Sunday morning Fellowship Hour.

  2. Plan and Conduct and/or lend support to special activities such as Church Picnic, Pot Lucks, Thanksgiving Pie Social, Palm Sunday Breakfast, Bake Sale, and Simple Suppers.

  3. Plan, coordinate and provide meals service for funerals as requested.

  4. Plan and coordinate delivery of meals to members with special needs.

For more information, please contact Cindy Gentz @ 920-366-9701