“By first uniting us with Himself, Christ unites us with one another.”

We look for many ways to strengthen Christian fellowship and foster social interaction.


The beginning of the year found us having Fellowship Hour several times in January,

but we still tried to use prewrapped food items and masked when we served.


February we cleaned at church. End of March we hosted fellowship hour and planned our Palm Sunday Breakfast for April. Confirmation Sunday/fellowship hour through the month of May.

August finds us with our sights on the Neighborhood Fest taking place the beginning of September. We've worked with Kevin Leurquin and his Captain Quesadilla food truck. What a fun event with the whole church pitching in! Followed by the Fellowship Team doing  fellowship hour for about eight weeks. Then the day our church anniversary celebrating 50 years we had a mini fellowship hour before church the end of October. November and early December brought some of the confirmation groups out and they took care of some of the fellowship hour. We ended our year with our Annual GSLC Bake Sale...our proceeds we determined would go to The Giving Tree. I am happy to say we raised $500.00 for them. We close out December dreaming of what we might come up with for 2023.


The Fellowship Team wishes you all a happy,

healthy 2023!


Cindy Gentz

Fellowship Team Chair


We joyfully are responsible for but not limited to:

For more information, please contact Cindy Gentz @ 920-366-9701