Worship & Music


Our world changed dramatically in March with the Covid 19 Pandemic where we could no longer gather in person for Worship, meetings, choir rehearsals, bible studies. Options were quickly developed for on-line worship. We did not miss a Sunday worship during this transition due to the pandemic.

  • We transitioned into online and parking lot worship without any previous experience in either of those formats. Thanks be to God for all who shared their gifts of creativity, adaptability and 'tech know how' so that we were able to continue to provide worship for our congregation.

  • 4th grade students were trained to serve as Acolytes. Part of this session included making and baking communion bread with these students.

  • “Wilderness”, a sermon series and devotional were used for Lent. In the Wilderness our faith is born, nurtured, challenged, and resurrected.

  • The Ash Wednesday service included various special music selections. The imposition of ashes was incorporated with Holy Communion. A simple supper was held prior to worship.

  • Good Friday observance included a Service of Tenebrae.

  • On July 5th we began to gather for Parking Lot Worship.

  • We heard a summer sermon series titled “Unraveled” and in the fall a series titled “Our Money Story “.

  • For the fifth year (December 16h this year), we held a Longest Night Worship service online, a candlelight service of Hope.

  • Two Parking Lot Christmas Eve worship services included a shadow puppet play of the Nativity Story and concluded with singing Silent Night with candles outside our vehicles.

  • We continued to enjoy special music from Ringers Jubilate via recorded selections.

  • Holy communion was provided virtually on Maundy Thursday and Pentecost. 

  • The Jagler family compiled and made possible the online worship videos each week.

We are so appreciative of our Andrew Helman and his contribution as all-around tech guy and radio guru. (Andrew did a lot of work to make the radio broadcast for parking lot worship happen, and he is now doing all of the tech stuff for live streaming of worship on Sunday mornings.)

THANK YOU to everyone who volunteers their time and talents to make our worship meaningful! We faced the challenges of 2020…. We are Here for Good.

God’s Blessings from the Worship Team

Dick Sachs, Lois Appel, Andrew Helman, Pastor Jen Fite and Sue Larson

The Worship and Music Team shall be comprised of one at-large member of the Congregation Council, music coordinator, accompanist(s), bell choir director, and as many members of the congregation as the team chooses. Each year after a Congregation Council representative has been assigned, the team shall elect a chairperson and a recorder from its membership. The Congregation Council representative will report from the Congregation Council any action that this team needs to take, and report to the Congregation Council on behalf of this team. The team shall meet regularly – monthly meetings are suggested.

The responsibilities and duties of the Worship and Music Team include, but are not limited to:

1. Plan and provide for the congregation’s worship in collaboration with the music coordinator and the pastor.

2. Evaluate and recommend liturgies for ‘regular’ worship and those for special events.

3. Plan worship for special events such as Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving Eve, Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Confirmation, First Communion, Baptisms, etc.

4. Establish standards, in collaboration with the pastor, for worship, funeral and wedding services, music, and musical or drama groups.

5. Promote the congregation’s music programs and provide opportunities for participation to all members of the congregation.

6. Enlist, train, and supervise those who volunteer to serve as worship leaders such as assisting ministers, lectors, communion set-up/clean-up providers, greeters, nursery care providers, ushers, and acolytes.

7. Seek opportunities in the community wherein the choir(s) can share their gifts through music ministry.

8. Prepare and submit a budget request to the Executive Committee for anticipated worship and music expenses annually.

9. Oversee disbursement of the annual Worship and Music Team budget.